Monday, January 30, 2012

A New Look, Pink Plates And An Eden

Good Morning~

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was busy (what else is new??). One reason is that I changed the look of my blog. I don;t know about all of you , but I get bored with things easily. Maybe that is why I love the blog world and decorating so much. There are always new ideas and inspirations. I have been doing the blog since last July (time is flying by) and I felt I really needed a change. The pictures encompass things  that I love, vintage plates, chandeliers and flowers. What do you think??
I am sure this isn't the last change you will see;)
On another note, my 8 year old daughter will be turning 9 in March (yikes) and she has requested a room redo. Mmmm.... I wonder where she gets that from????Anyway, I have agreed. One decorating element that she wants to eliminate is anything that is Light Pink. This makes me a bit sad.... she is growing up too fast. The one good thing is that I get to have all the beautiful vintage pink plates she has had on her wall.

I love this little stack. I used Picnik to soften up this picture

Every now and again I love to have a little pop of pink in the house. I think it goes so nicely with all my blues and whites.

I never realized how much I loved these until they came off of Avery's walls. The room redo is becoming a win for me too;)
Ok, just one more... I promise ........

This weekend I also got inspired to finish pruning all my roses. This is a huge job. I have ALOT of roses. As I was trimming my Eden Climber I noticed in between some of the leaves and hidden between some branches that were not looking good,there was a single Eden rose in the middle of it all. I was shocked to see it. It was my gift of the day;)

I love to use other things other than actual vases to put my flowers in. This time I used one of my emptied Lorina Pink Lemonade Bottles. This is one is the small size. They are perfect for a single flower.

How sweet is this little rose???? 

I hope you all find a gift this week too.

As always, thanks for all of you sweet and inspiring comments. They are so appreciated.
Welcome to all my new followers!!


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  1. Love your new look Cheryl~ Such pretty photography too!! xoxo Rachel

  2. Now how special was that? LOVE your gift of the day:) Sooooo pretty. Spring will be here before we know it:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  3. Rose is beautiful!!! Love the vintage plates and their colors.

  4. Sweet little pink rose...I can see how you are happy to have the plates your new look! :)

  5. The new header is lovely...very pretty and includes things that I like too. Eden is such a wonderful rose and so abundant ~ nice to have a lingering one to enjoy.

  6. The love new blog look. And a little pink never hurt anyone! I love it!! Thanks for linking up!!

  7. Hi Cheryl,

    Love your pale pink eden rose and vintage plates {a favorite of mine}! Also love your new page layout & header - happy to be able to help you out with that. Please don't hesitate to ever ask! :) Take care and enjoy your new week!


  8. Love your new look! The blue and white, the pictures, and your background are all soooo pretty. You did a wonderful job.
    Mary Alice

  9. Hi Cheryl,
    The new look is fabulous!!! I just changed mine out too, I get bored easily as well!
    My son is turning 4 in March and my oldest will be 8 in April, so far they've let me decorate the room how I want, but I'm sure that will change someday soon! :)
    Hope you have a lovely night.

  10. I love the new look! You did a great job. Cannot wait to see Avery's room!


  11. Love your header and the pink plates...both are very pretty.

  12. darling... cherish every moment with you darling kids... i love your profile shot... the toes are adorable!!! xx pam

  13. I loved your little post about pink and your found gift today. That little rose was so special. But, most importantly was your daughters request to re-do her room. Enjoy all of the precious moments with your children as we are now empty nesters and those days as I look back were snapshots that went away so fast. My mom always said they were the best days of our lives. . . . .yikes, I can remember wanting just ONE minute to myself if even in the bathroom!!! What I wouldn't give to have those days back! You know, mom's are always right! ox m.a.

  14. simply gorgeous! this is a blog of such delightful eye candy! can't wait to look at EVERYTHING!!!! thanks for sharing and thanks for dropping by the cottage market -- i am now your newest follower! hugs...

  15. I love your new look! I like to change my banner at least once a month. It's like changing the store windows and displays from my old retail days. (Always keep it moving and grooving and fresh!)

    My daughter has vintage plates displayed above Holland Grace's changing table in her pink room. Your plates are beautiful!

    I hope that you will share your design plans for Avery's room. I imagine she will have some influence. How fun!

    Cheryl, your Eden rose and your photographs are a lovely gift today! I gratefully accept!

  16. so cute cant wait to see your daughters finished room and what you decide to do with the dishes

  17. Your new header is beautiful, as is your little found rose. Looking forward to your daughter's room and what you do with the dishes.

  18. Hi Cheryl, your photos are so pretty, love the floral plates, nothing beats roses for china! That rose is so precious, I'd love for you to link up to Vintage Inspiration Friday. This is the perfect post! xo

  19. Hi Cheryl!
    We are sooo similar! My 8 year old daughter is turing 9 in March (the 15th) and she would like her pink room changed to turquoise! I am also 40 :) I love vintage and whites and anything chippy! I just started an etsy shop with my best friend, my sister! See the similarities??
    Your flowers look beautiful and I love those vintage plates. We are having a mild winter here in Colorado but my plants are all dormant for sure. I can't imagine having roses right now!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I am your newest follower!


  20. Have sold most of my mis matched pinks, now I miss them after seeing yours! real pretty,

  21. Hi Cheryl,
    Thank you for your visit! I love the vintage china but my fav is the Pink Lemonade Bottles with pretty!!

  22. Sweet the little bottles with roses :)

  23. Hi Cheryl ~
    I Love your collection of sweet plates
    & that rose is devine...Have a wonderful week, thanks for sharing & hope you'll stop by~


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