Saturday, November 26, 2011

9 Hours and Counting......

Good Morning Everyone! I hope you all had a very Happy Thanksgiving and if you were brave enough to go shopping yesterday,I hope it was worth it ;)) Were there really good savings??? 
Well, we started the Christmas decorating on Thanks giving (about 2 hours put in) and then continued yesterday for a mere 7 more hours! And yes, the madness is continuing today..... 
Heres a sneak peek...

This month may have the most posts I have ever done. I am a certifiable Christmas Nut and with the new camera, this is dangerous:)
Yes, we have some pink this year.....

This Santa is one of my favorite Christmas things I own. Isn't his face the sweetest???
If you haven't started the madness yet, Enjoy!!
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Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Little Of This And That...

Happy Rainy Afternoon~
I apologize for the randomness of this post, but I have little bits here and there to say. Well, after receiving my new camera for my birthday (Yippee) and having it sit in the box for a month, I finally decided to learn how to use it. I have to say that I was scared, hence the delay. Much to my happy is actually easy to use and I LOVE it so much. All the pictures on this post are random, but done with my new camera. Can you tell the difference???
These salt and pepper shakers on coming on our Etsy store this week. Aren't they so sweet?
This weekend was filled with highs and lows. On Friday night I had been planning to meet up with my college roommate in Las Vegas to go to The Lady Antebellum concert. We had everything in line (tickets, hotel room and lots of fun planned). I never expected to get the call Friday morning that her flight had been cancelled due to a very large fire and heavy wind in Reno (she lives there). She was now scheduled for the 12:55 flight. My flight was at 9:45...........
To make a very long story short, I flew to Vegas and when I got there we determined that her flight was never going to take off. The tears were flowing at the Las Vegas Airport (people were probably staring at me). Our plans were ruined and I was sadly booking a flight to leave Las Vegas at 12:50. BTW- an additional fee of $130.00 which made me cry more. 
I felt like this dried rose !! I told my story to a lady at my gate...she was so sad for me too. But, the day got brighter and my neighbor ended up on my flight and sat next me and the best part...he bought me a Bloody Mary! I think it was the best one I ever had. When I was leaving the airport in Burbank I saw that same lady from my gate who told me how sorry she was , but then said "That just means that something good will happen for me". How sweet of her, right??? 
Because I was not in Vegas, I got to do a boutique with my friends. We were selling items from our Etsy store. It was a very long day, but also very successful. We received a lot of positive feedback, made many new contacts and sold so much stuff!!! A great day for My Soulful Home and fun too. We even got our picture taken for a local newspaper with a little write up about us. 
Had I been in Vegas, I wouldn't have been there with them. Maybe this was my "good thing". 
I used this experience to also teach my kids that not everything works out the way we want it to, but we have to move ahead to the next venture.
I hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving! I am so thankful for family, friends, My Soulful Home, this blog and random people that make you smile when you feel sad. 
How did you like the pics??? Not bad huh????
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Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Christmas In The Shop

Good Morning Everyone~ Happy Friday, Happy 11-11-11 (love that) and of course, Happy Veteran's Day!!! Thanks you to all the service men and women who make such great sacrifices so we can enjoy living in this wonderful place!!!
I don't know about all of you, but I LOVE CHRISTMAS!! You will see how much in later posts. But for now, I want to show you all the fantastic Christmas items we have in our Etsy Shop 99% of them are handmade by Dana and Kelly (my partners in crime) !! They are truly talented women......

Make the best first impression. The wrapping is what your gift recipient sees sets the tone. Go the extra mile to make your gift extra special. We have more bags and tags in the shop.

 Love this pennants made out of vintage grain sacks.

 This set of ornaments are made with vintage grocery price tags. Notice it's 25 for Christmas. These are my favorite!!

 Love the glitter edges of this ornament. Made from old music sheets dated back to the 20's!!!!
 Grain Sack Santa Pants...need I say more???

 Cute Santa Hat Ornament...Love these in multiples
 There is nothing better than vintage ornaments. They always make me think of my Grandma Mary's PINK flocked Christmas tree that was filled with these glass ornaments...Smiling. I think they were all sold in an estate sale, it  makes me sick to think of it, but I was too young to know better:(
 These matchbox/ candle sets are the perfect hostess gift
This is one of our grain sack stockings... they have been so............... popular. We are hoping to make more. I want some for my family. 

We are still adding goodies all the time...not only Christmas, maybe some Christmas gifts??
It's a no school day for us so I am going to sign off and make some breakfast for my kids who just woke up. Normally they would already have been at school. Ahh...nice relaxing day......
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Friday, November 4, 2011

Be Thankful

Hi Everyone- Just a quick post here today!! Be thankful for all you have in your life. I know I am!

 Thanks Mom for these awesome dried hydrangeas!! From her yard!!! 

Enjoy your weekend and be thankful !


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Haunting Favorites

Hi Everyone~ I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween. My family and some friends had a wonderfully frightful evening. It was the first time my daughter wanted to "really" trick or treat and that added to the fun. It was a night filled with fun, laughter,haunts and LOTS OF YUMMY CANDY. Here are some of my  favorites from the past couple of  days.

Can you see this huge web??? It is hard to see, but it was a work of art. The spider was not in it at the time:) Like the webs, not so much love for the spider though.

A before shot. Loving the beach towel under it so we don't get pumpkin everywhere. Not pretty, but it does the job.

And we have seeds..... they need a cleaning
Cleaning the seeds. Pumpkin seeds are so yummy. Add some olive oil and sea salt, put them in the oven and they are perfect.
The final results... above is "Boofus ". This is Avery's pumpkin. He lost his nose, but I think he's cuter this way. Below is Blake's pumpkin. It is a monster carrying a woman. We like to think he is a "friendly" monster and is saving the damsel in distress.

Below is a picture of "Mummy Hot Dogs". My friend Melissa made these. The picture is not nearly as cute as they were. They were a hit.

My two little goblins
And no Halloween is complete without Almond Joys. They are the best thing ever!! Thanks goodness my kids don't like them so I get them all. We ONLY got 5 this year. There are only 4 in the picture because I ate the other one.

Thanks for letting me share a little piece of me with all of you

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