Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ready For The 4th Of July and Summertime Fun???

Happy Wednesday!!! It is hard to believe that in one week it is The 4th Of July!!! I am feeling less than ready for it. I love to decorate the outside of my house, but we have been so busy, I haven't gotten around to it. The clock is ticking. Our town has a parade that the kids participate in and then a big party at our local park with fireworks and lots of fun. This year my son will be in the parade on a decorated truck with his baseball All Star Team. They have so.. much fun with water balloons and water guns...oh to be a kid again.....
Do you love to decorate for The 4th of July??? I also love to keep up the red, white and blue theme through the summer. To me, the colors just say "SUMMER IS HERE"!!! 
We recently added some great Americans/ Summertime items to our Etsy Shop
Come take a look, you may find something you can't live without.......
Love this Americana Pillow . The flag on it is vintage
I have this Bunting made with vintage hankies hanging on my umbrella in the backyard. How cute is this?? Mmm........ it really is perfect. This really adds a special touch to a backyard BBQ.
What says Summer more than camping??? 
This Pillow is made with a vintage American flag. Perfect pillow for your front porch.
More Bunting. These have become a new favorite thing of mine. We have other styles other than the patriotic ones. They are so cute on a front porch, backyard, kitchen etc..We even have some pink and blue ones that would be so...perfect for a baby shower. I wish I had one to give :))

I can't end this post without saying "Happy Birthday " to my son Blake who will turn 12 tomorrow!!! He has grown in to such a wonderful young man. I could not be more proud of him. I LOVE YOU!!!

What is more American than baseball?? These next few pictures were taken at his LL All Star Game on Monday night. A comeback win, awesome team spirit and Blake even hit a HOME RUN!!!A great win for a bunch of really nice boys. We play again tonight! 

During the National guy is #32

Have a great week!!


Friday, June 22, 2012

Happy Friday

Yippee! It's Friday! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Ours is filled with baseball and more baseball. I am hoping to get another post in this weekend. We have some fantastic patriotic items coming to our Etsy Shop this week. I think you will all love them:)
Yes, these are from my garden. My garden is in a "transition" right now so I don't have too many of these beauties right now.

Welcome to all of you who have recently started following my blog. And thank you to everyone for all  the sweet comments. I love to get them. They make my day.
Until next time...

Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Day Trip To Remnants of the Past

All I can say about last Saturday ( June 2nd) is FUN. FUN and MORE FUN!!!! Me and two of my partners in crime and business decided to head up to Remnants of the Past and do it all in one day. The event was held in beautiful San Luis Obispo which is 3 1/2 hours away from us. Some people thought we were nuts to do this , but we were determined to check out what we had heard so...much about.
So...we got on the road at 5:00am. Of course went straight to Starbucks for some "fuel" and we were on our way. The drive up was so pretty. Rolling greens hills and so much of the drive has the ocean on one side. But, the best part about the drive were the laughs and great conversation..oh yeah, good music too:) It was a 70's music fest. LOVE that. So basically we laughed, chatted and sang the whole way up. We got there at 8:30! 
The event is held on the grounds at the gorgeous Madonna Inn.  When we walked up to get in line (yes, in line) we could catch glimpses of some of the booths. We knew we were in for a good day. At 9:00 the doors opened and in went the rush of eager buyers. I was shocked how crowded it was. WOW! We immediately realized that if we saw something we liked, buy it then because chances are if you wait it will be gone. We brought our trusty flea market cart which filled up Luckily we could check it in and get rid of it. That was also helpful because it got so crowded you couldn't get through the crowd with it.
I am so.. upset I didn't take any pictures at the event, but I really had no time:( But , here are some pics of some of my treasures:
One of the highlights of the day for me was meeting Maria Carr of Dreamy Whites. She is the person who inspired me to start my blog and helped me out  with it. I always knew she was a wonderful person, but she truly is the sweetest, most lovely person. I also got two meet two of her daughters. We didn't get to chat too long because her booth got busier and busier. BTW~~ her booth was so pretty. What else would you expect?? Oh yeah~ people thought we were sisters!! The two plates and ironstone bowl are both from her booth:)
I got this chippy blue/gray stool and this bucket. The bucket has navy blue and pink under the creamy color. I think they look so great together.
Love that chippiness
This is an iron, rusty French shelf. Not the best picture , but I just loved this the second I saw it. It still hasn't found its spot in my house, but it will. This shelf came from Debra Hall Lifestyle. Also the square shaped mirror in an upcoming photo came from her pretty booth too;))

Love the marmalade jar and the bakers twine and spool. You can see I love what I bought. 
How fabulous are these two mirrors???????? I really think I have an obsession with vintage mirrors. These are petite so they are easy to find spaces for them. 
This is the top of the oval mirror.
This picture is of my dining room chandelier reflecting in the mirror. The roses in the picture are hanging from my chandy because I am drying them. 
Ok, so as we were in the parking lot ready to leave we asked the parking attendant to take our photo. So here we are with all our loot. Our one and only picture.
Then we were off to lunch in San Luis Obispo before our drive home. We had lunch right next to a creek that runs through town. It was such a peaceful setting. The breeze was blowing, the sun was shining and we were laughing the whole time. A perfect ending to a day of great shopping.
We got home around 7:00 that evening. We were all a bit tired, but agreed that the trip was worth it and we can't wait to head back up in October.
Have a wonderful week.

~~Thanks for all the nice messages abut my father in law. He is doing great:))
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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm Still Here and Good Thoughts

Just wanted to say hi to you all and let you know that I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth;)). School FINALLY ended today  so now it is time to RELAX, or at least try.
 I am gathering up some pictures of my day trip to Remnants of the Past last weekend for my next post.!!!
Have a Beautiful Day!!!!

Sending good thoughts and prayers to my wonderful Father-in -Law, John who is currently having surgery!!! xoxo