Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Looking Back...Hopeful For 2012

Hi Everyone~~
This post has is dedicated to looking back on 2011 and all the happenings (good and bad) and looking forward to a wonderful 2012.
Last December (2010) I decided to go through all my magazines and pull out the pics I wanted as inspiration etc. While doing this I came across my October issue of Romantic Homes. In it I saw a blog called Dreamy Whites. At the time, I didn't even know what a blog was, but the name caught my attention so I decided to check it out. From that moment on, I was hooked. How did I not know about blogs?? After all, I love to decorate, I love flea markets and I love getting new ideas. 

I have to say I was so..... excited and from her blog I found more blogs. ~HEAVEN ~Things were going great. Also during this time, me and two of my good friends started talking about opening a store on Etsy. 
But, all things changed on January 21st. My mom was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. This was her 5th time having cancer and I just couldn't believe it was happening again. She thought she had sinus infection. I was numb. 

I remained that way for quite some time. I couldn't look towards the future because it was to painful. The one thing that did make me happy and became a big escape was the "Blog World"  As the months went by and my mom went through treatments I realized how short life is and how it all can change so quickly. I also realized how important is to DO THINGS and not let opportunities pass by.

We had put our Etsy shop on hold and I finally felt like I was up to getting it going so in May we began selling at My Soulful Home on Etsy. I am so happy we did this. We have met so many great people from all over the world and we have had such fun learning how to grow a business and be business partners. 

During this time I also decided to take a leap of faith and start my own blog. I have to thank Maria at Dreamy Whites for all her great advice and encouragement.I couldn't have done it without her. My first post went out in July and it was such a scary thing. Would people like it??? Would anyone even see it????? So with my very limited computer skills and my not so great camera, I went for it!!! I have to say that it has changed my life and I am so happy I didn't let this opportunity  pass me by.

In August we got the miraculous news...MY MOMS TUMOR SHRUNK 50%. I knew she had been feeling better, but this was unbelievable. She still has to take her chemo oral meds, but no more radiation for her. She is still doing great and her tumor continues to stay smaller. Even though I had been happy with my shop and blog there was still a dark cloud over my head. That cloud was now lifted and it was full of sunshine:))
And then more good news.. In September I was contacted by Romantic Homes Magazine and asked to have  my blog featured in the January 2012 issue. I thought someone was playing a joke on me. How did I get so lucky that they found my little blog??? The magazine that helped me discover blogs now would be featuring MY blog.  I was beyond excited. What a difference a year makes.
And Viola~Here it is!! All the pictures in this post prior to this one are pictures that I had to submit to the magazine. It is the bed and bath issue.

A special thank you to the following people who have been constant supports this past year to be in my blogging world:
Maria at Rusty Hinge  ~~  She was my first follower
Michele at Summersoul - shes also my sister in law

Thank you also to all of you who left encouraging comments and joined my blog. You have made this journey all worth it. I look forward to 2012 and am hoping it is filled with good health, new friends and old friends, new business, courage, inspiration, creativity and just a bunch of goodness and happiness.

Here is a picture from Christmas 2011 of the most courageous person I know and my role mom.



  1. God bless your sweet mom. My mother is undergoing chemo right now for breast cancer. Obviously God and my family mainly, but blogging and my etsy shop have helped me keep my mind busy and busy is good for me. Congrats on your magazine feature and best of wishes with your etsy and blog in the upcoming year. I will check out your etsy shop now. Mine is Amys All Things Home Etsy if you are interested in taking a look.

  2. Hello my dear friend! Congrats on your mom's tumor shrinking - what wonderful and blessed news! You two of you are so sweet in this pic! :)

    I'm so glad that you decided to blog and that I found another fellow SoCali blogger! :) Your home is just beautiful - it's always nice to get little sneak peeks of those gorgeous images! :) So it's not surprising that you would get featured in Romantic Homes! I only predict greater things for you in 2012! :) Thank you kindly for mentioning me - but you have to know, that YOU are the one that inspires us! :) I'm just glad to take the ride along your little journey into blogland. :) Here's to a New Year filled with happiness & cheer! :)


  3. great post. you are doing great! and your mom looks phenomenal.


  4. Love this post and I love your blog
    You and your mum looks great, and I believe you both are fantastic persons.

    Hugs Bente

  5. That is wonderful news for your mother, I hope she continues to be blessed. Congratulations on being featured in Romantic Homes.Its amazing that the same magazine that started you on your blogging journey also featured you once you! Continued success to you and best wishes to your dear mother.

  6. Blessing from above for your Mom and congrats on the magazine. I am glad that you started your blog too since I am a follower.

  7. You've had one heck of a year! Ups and downs - I am glad it has all evened out for you! We have soemthing in common - My oldest son (who is 6) was diagnosed with a fist-sized brain tumour back in February. He had surgery and lots of post-op care, but we are glad to say that he is healthy and happy again! We, like you, are forever on "tumour patrol" so we live EVERY day to the fullest.
    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  8. How wonderful about your feature in Romantic Homes! I actually went out looking for it tonight because my friend Andrea from Faded Plains was featured as well. I can't believe I couldn't find a copy! I hope they have one at the grocery store tomorrow!!! ;o)

    Off to read a little more!


  9. I am a new follower ~ but I have to commend you on your strength in 2011 ~ CONGRATULATIONS on Romantic Country Homes ~ wow ~ how wonderful for you and how wonderful is the MIRAULOUS news about your mother ~ God is good ~ you have an Angel watching ;-)
    I look forward to much more beauty this 2012.

  10. What an inspiring post. Especially encouraging since I'm just entering the blogging world this new year. Also thankful your mom is doing well.
    Mary Alice

  11. Your post was so inspiring....I am so happy for you in your new endeavors and congratulations on your blog mentioning in Romantic Home. Your story was touching and I am glad that your mother is feeling much better.


  12. Such a wonderful post! ;) I am so happy you started your blog and weve become blogging friends! Maybe someday we'll meet in person~ xoxoxoxo Rachel

  13. GOD BLESS your beautiful and gentle mother dear one.....I am so blown away by the lovely photos you have here, then to read about your mom...I am so sorry. I lost my momma to ovarian cancer 25 years ago, and it was the worst thing I ever experienced. You mother is a brave soul and give her a HUGE HUG for me....thank you so very much for coming to visit my post. May we all hold each other in high regard, knowing that we need to remember that we all go through hard times and that we can draw on one another. Thank you for coming to see me.


  14. Cheryl, Thank-you for sharing your year story, and great news about your mom!!! I pray that she continues to improve. I am very glad that you have started a blog, as through it I was able to get to know you and you have become my friend,

  15. Cheryl!
    Your wonderful post is today's gift!
    (I have a goal to find a gift a day.)

    Congratulations! How wonderful and deserving that your creative process has been published for the world to see!

    Meeting you in our blog world has been an honor!

    I cannot tell you how happy I am to hear the wonderful news about your Mother!

    I have met so many amazing people since I began blogging just a little over one year ago.
    Some of my dearest on your thank you list!

    I wish you a smoother ride in 2012!

  16. Hello! I just discovered your blog from the etsy shabby chic team~it's beautiful! You are very inspiring, as is your mom. Many wishes to you both for the new year!

  17. Thank you for such a beautiful inspiring post! I hope twenty twelve is everything you wish for and more. I look forward to engaging more throughout the year. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  18. Hello sweet Cheryl,

    Thank YOU for coming by again. I truly pray that your mum will be strong and live each day like NO ONE has ever witnessed ever. The power of life overcomes everything. PRAISE GOD!

    Be well, Anita

  19. Happy New Year, Cheryl! Here's to a year of happiness and health, for you and yours...your Mom is beautiful - what a great picture of you both! Tanya

  20. Cheryl I am so so happy to hear the news about your other. The blog community can be so wonderful! I found that out more than ever this year.........

    Wishing You and Yours all the Best in 2012!

    I hope you will enter my Giveaway from Serena & Lily.

    Art by Karena

  21. Congratulations for being featured in the magazine and for the great news about your mum!AriadnefromGreece!

  22. Hi Cheryl...thanks so much for sharing your story! I am so happy to hear your Mom is doing well ` the picture of you too is just beautiful! I am so happy I found you in Romantic Homes ~ love to visit and am always leave smiling and inspired! You always give me great pinning opportunities too! Thank you!!

  23. Love your blog-I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!

  24. Such a beautiful romantic home!!! I'm following. I hope you'll come check out Farmhouse Porch.


  25. This was such a beautiful post.
    I still have to get a copy of Romantic Homes...congrats on that.
    Your time with your Mom is such a is obvious that you have a wonderful relationship.
    You both are beautiful too!
    Wishing you all the best in 2012!

  26. Beautiful blog. Beautiful photos!


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