Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dried Roses

Good Morning~~
This is going to be a quick little post, but I have to show some pics of my dried roses. There is something about dried roses  that are so beautiful to me. Depending on how they end up drying, I think they are almost prettier than when they are alive. These little pink beauties dried perfect and they are still in the water. They are part of the $5.99 bunch I bought from Trader Joes a couple of weeks ago....
Aren't they gorgeous??????
 I have them in a milk glass that I bought at Anthropologie.
I love that they actually dried in the water. No hanging them upside down or anything..... EASY!! These were the spray roses so they were more petite than other roses. Maybe this made the drying  process so easy and perfect????

I hope you all have a wonderful day ..........
What did you see that was beautiful today???????
~~Thank you to everyone who has been leaving the sweetest comments~~~


  1. Cheryl:
    I also love dried roses especially from Trader Joes....Aren't their flowers awesome???

    And guess what I have the same Anthro glasses, guess we have the same taste!

    Have a wonderful day! The sun is out here in SC and it is a beauty!

  2. The color of your roses looks so pretty next to the blue green of that Anthro glass! :)

  3. They are beautiful and perfect in that glass.

  4. I love the look of dried roses - and yours is just perfect in that little milk glass! :) Have a great day!!!


  5. Beautiful! I never have luck with drying flowers. I love that little glass. <3

  6. They are just beautiful. I love dried roses, and have some around the house.

    Have a great weekend

    Hugs Bente

  7. Love dried roses as well. I have a bunch a matter of fact that are drying in water to, they were purchased from Costco last week and the color that they are drying are more prettier than the color when they were bloomed. Have a great evening and hope your in-laws are having a good time while in the state of Washington. Hugs Mary

  8. Your roses are beautiful! How sweet of you to share them with all of us. I adore your Anthropologie vase. Have a wonderful evening, Cheryl.

  9. I love all types of dried flowers, but especially roses. These dried particulary well ~ so pretty!

  10. Cheryl,
    your roses are lovely! The mixture of elegant roses and a simple milk glass, perfect!
    Gorgeous photos as always!

  11. I find it amazing that they dried like that IN the water! They're gorgeous! Happy weekend, Cheryl...Tanya

  12. Those are so pretty! I have some of those glasses too. I keep thinking I should get more...they're so cute :)

  13. Thank you Cheryl for your beautiful visit.
    I am always amazed at the support I get from my beautiful friends, you my dear are a women of inspiration to love :)

    The photos are so peaceful, I hate to admit that I love flowers/roses that have little life left in them, I find a softer new beauty in there age.

    Lots of inspiring thoughts to you and a peaceful blessed weekend.

  14. Hi Cheryl,

    so glad you stopped by and now I am your newest follower:-) I agree with you about the roses being almost prettier when dried than fresh. I think it must depend on the kind of roses.

    I will take some time to browse your blog. Enjoy your weekend!


  15. CHERYL DEAR! Thank you for visiting today my dear! What did I see that was beautiful today? I saw lovely comments on my blog. So many wonderful words. Have a lovely day. How is your mother? Anita

  16. THAT IS AMAZING NEWS THAT YOUR MOM IS DOING SO WELL! GOD BE PRAISED!!!!!!!! Oh that is awesome. WOOOOO!!! Enjoy your weekend dearest. Anita

  17. Cheryl! I'm with you on the dried flowers - I think they're prettier dried! I love them in your darling milk glass. Isn't funny how something so simple can bring so much happiness, flowers do that for me.
    What did I see that was beautiful today? Lots and lots of white snow blanketing the valley, It was wonderful! We were at the Sundance Film Festival and it was so fun seeing people embracing the white stuff. Thanks for reminding me to take time to look at things that bring beauty... I need to do that more!


  18. Those are so pretty! I have never had luck keeping roses in water for too long. I like to get them drying as soon as they start to wilt. I have dozens and dozens of dried ones my husband and sons have given me over the years. I love them!!

  19. Dried roses are so bittersweet - your little bouquet looks like it might even be fragrant....

  20. Oh, they are lovely!:) Roses are the most beautiful flower to dry... I think any way. :)


    P.S. I'm your newest follower... I hope you will come by and say hi. :)

  21. Truly lovely... love them! And thanks for participating in Show Off Your Cottage Monday and bringing me here. I hope I'm leaving my comment in the right spot, as I couldn't find our link to the house in the roses here. ;)



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