Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Little For Me

Hi Everyone~
So..... I don't know about all of you, but while I spent MANY hours and days buying Christmas presents for everyone, I picked up a few goodies for myself.  There are just too many treasures lurking around that are too great to pass up.Here are a few of the fantastic things I found........

How cute is this creamy buttery colored clock?? Yummy. It is sitting on a this beautiful floral fabric colored box. The colors are so creamy and muted...perfect for the Fresh Vanilla House:)

These were both purchased on Etsy at French Farmhouse 425
 They are the perfect addition to my newly styled mantle for 2012.
I found this French Enamelware House Number at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. It will fit in great with all the blue and white decor. Still looking for the perfect spot.
This cute French mustard jar was purchased on Etsy from Faded Plains . I love the creamy color and the blue writing. 

It now sits on my vintage desk in the entry way next to this rusty old urn with dried hydrangeas. I love hydrangeas when they are dried. Lucky for me my mom grows them so there is always an abundance to choose from.

This pretty French plate comes from Dreamy Whites. I actually have two and they are permanently at my dining room table. I love the way they look on this grain sack table runner.Yes, there is more...
This French Apothecary Jar was also found on my trip to The Rose Bowl. loving the label and the shape of the jar.

Ok, this was actually a Christmas present from my husband. Have you ever smelt these candles??? This one is Voluspa~ Belle Sucre from Anthropologie.
Don't you just love the design on the jar?? Depending on the lighting it can be really pale pink or look like this picture. Pure Heaven......
And last, but not least, I treated myself to these pinky roses from Trader Joes on Sunday. Only $5.99 and there were a few more that I put in another vase, Can't beat that:))
 I mean seriously...$5.99?????
Did you treat yourself to any treasures this season or what special things were you treated to???
~Welcome to all my new followers and thanks to everyone for your sweet comments~
On one other note~ For all of you who read my post about my Mom, I want you all to know that without the constant love, care and encouragement that my Pop (step dad) gave my Mom this year and every year, the positive turn it took would not have been possible. THANK YOU AND LOVE YOU:)))
My kids with my parents at Christmas


  1. Ohhh, I always buy myself little treats..like an Anthropologie candle and maybe a great purse from Anthro at a deep discount!
    Family is wonderful...

  2. Hi Cheryl,

    Love all those goodies that you bought for yourself!!! I admit, I did buy just a few things for myself post Christmas! :) lol And of course, Trader Joe's is one of my go-to places for blooms too!!! :) I can tell that we are going to have tons of fun when we get together this year!!! :) Have a great night.


  3. Hi Cheryl!
    I bought myself Jeanne Oliver's class. It began yesterday! I am loving it!

    I also bought a fabulous French enamel "T" from "425". Rachel is the dearest and so very talented! Your clock and fabric box are wonderful together.

    You and I shop at the same places. I am addicted to Maria's lavender pillows!

    All of your new treasures are wonderful! I wish to have a French mustard jar one day. The candle from Anthropologie is so pretty.

    How precious is that photo of your parents with your kids. My parents are in their 80's. Every photo is God's gift!

    Thanks for visiting!

  4. Love all of your finds Cheryl! ;) Your home is so beautiful my friend~ I think I need to make a trip to anthro to get a candle too!! Hugs to you~ xoxo Rachel

  5. Love your clock and fabric box...and the French label on that cool jar! Since I live so close to an Anthro...I bought a few super sale items for friends and couldn't resist a treasure or two for me too! :)

  6. Love, love, love all your finds. I could easily find a place in my home for each of them. :-)
    Mary Alice

  7. Love your French Apothecary Jar!

  8. I love all your little treasures! I wish we had some type of flea market around here :O)

    Have a lovely week.


  9. Hi Cheryl!
    Just found you! I adore your little clock and the lovely urn of hydrangeas!! Just beautiful!! Your other items are quite wonderful, too! It is a joy to treat ourselves once in awhile, huh?

    Have a delightful day!

  10. again your mom looks great! that makes me soo happy. And the second to last pic is awesome.


  11. Great treasures Cheryl. I hope things get better and better for your mom. Love is always the best medicine.

  12. I love the french mustard jar....Etsy is amazing for stuff like that!

  13. What fabulous finds. I don't blame you, always treat yourself well! I think I love the mantle vignette the best, so creamy dreamy.
    We'd love to have you link it to "What's It Wednesday", you're always welcome.

  14. I love that you bought yourself treasures, that's so fun! You had some gorgeous finds, I'm totally in love the with the house number! I did all my own shopping this year, or so I thought, but my hubby surprised me with a mini cupcake pan which I adore and a set of colored mixing bowls. Two things I have been eyeing for awhile, he's so thoughtful!

  15. Hello Cheryl - I so love all your french finds both online and the flea market. Still haven't made it to the Rose Bowl yet, but one of my big plans this year. I heard it's pretty pricey, is that true? Happy New Year!

    1. Oh so lovely Cheryl!!!
      I am loving that urn with the dried hydrangeas. It is just gorgeous!!
      I hope your having a wonderful week sweet girl!!

  16. Hi Cheryl, Lovely finds and I love the urn. I've been browsing your archives and your blog is beautiful...now following. xo, Sherry

  17. Oh I loooove your new things! it is funny you mention Christmas shopping. I no longer "shop" in stores, but buy 100% from the internet...but boy oh boy when I did it was like "OK! One for them, two for me.....Two for them, 3 for me...." You get the idea. I was ALWAYS shopping for myself - the marketing GOT to me!

    OK, now as for me NOW, well this time I DID buy myself something. A new sofa just before Christmas. Haha. So even I can't stop.

    I think your finds are lovely, as well as your home and your wonderful blog.

    If you get the chance to visit my blog - just started blogging - I made a new arrangement and my urn is similar to yours. I hope you get a chance to pop in, I need all the visiting I can get being so new!

  18. Oh my, look at all your pretty things! Love that clock and the mustard jar too. I should take a trip to Anthro...I think it's calling out to me :)

  19. Of course I treated myself!!
    Love all your treasures...have a great weekend!

  20. Your blog is beautiful! Visiting from Debbies!

  21. Those are some fabulous finds...you certainly have a good eye. Oh...how I miss the Rose Bowl...I used to go every 2nd Sunday.

  22. I love hydrangeas my absolute favorite flower!!! Love all your finds. That clock is awesome!!

  23. Exquisite little treasures! *LOVE!* I pick up fresh flowers for the kitchen all the time, too.. for a couple bucks, you can't beat the sweetness! andrea@townandprairie


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