Saturday, January 7, 2012

Back To Reality


This is our last couple days of the winter break:((( This is the first year my kids got out late and went back late. I am not sure I LOVED it, but it was certainly better than I anticipated. I missed doing all the fun Christmas crafts we usually do before Christmas, but this "extra" week has been so relaxing. It did help that the weather was in the 80's all week. Shorts, t-shirts, flip flops, sunshine, gardening, kids playing outside. I hate to brag, but it was heavenly So Cal weather. It is also such a treat to not have to set an alarm to wake up. There is something so much more peaceful and civilized about waking up on your own instead of being woken up by a very loud buzzer. 
Speaking of gardening... the roses in this picture were cut from my garden this morning.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend !!! Back to the buzzer:))


  1. Beautiful flowers! I live in Arizona and we have been enjoying warm weather also. Happy Weekend!

  2. Beautiful roses Cheryl! Have a wonderful week!! Hugs, Rachel

  3. Alas, I have been pruning all of my roses, it's hard when as you say they are still blooming. Fortunately, my camellias have started their winter show.

    I remember how much I liked school vacations when my children were just seems easier and more casual during those times.

  4. Beautiful roses, can't wait for summer this side of the Atlantic! Sharon

  5. Hello sweet girl.....

    Dear one, LOVE LARGE. That is the most powerful thing we can do.

    Thank you for coming to visit today. Life is good.....give your mum a hug, please? Anita

  6. Hi Cheryl,

    Beautiful photo! The weather has been nice and warm here, huh?!? Although today is a bit windier than usual. :) My kids also go back to school's gonna be another hectic year! lol I hear you on being able to wake up without a buzzer during vacay - love that! It was nice while it lasted. lol Have a great week.


  7. Beautiful picture. I must say I wish the summer was here. But no, pleenty snow and cold weather. Puh..

    Have beautiful days.

    Hugs Bente


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