Thursday, February 23, 2012

Vintage Handkerchief Banners

Good Morning~
Hope you are all having a good week. This post will be a short one, I just came down with a yucky cold so I am wanting to lay down and call it a day. But, I couldn't resist showing you all the beautiful handmade banners that we are putting on our Etsy Shop. They are made from vintage handkerchiefs. Love them. I think you will to:)
This is part of the pink one. I photographed them in segments because they are easier to see all the delicate, sweet handkerchiefs better.
Each banner is approx. 9 feet long and they all have 7 handkerchief segments on them.There are ties on the ends for hanging.
The blue and white one.......
More blue and white......

Love how this one has a segment with two overlapping hankies
This one is Purple, Pink, White and personal favorite:))
You see what I mean about photographing these?? They are so delicate the camera doesn't do them justice in capturing their true loveliness

This is the pink and blue banner

They are perfect for your Spring decor, baby showers, nurseries, garden decor, Easter etc. They are one of a kind and I just love them all. I would have loved to have the pink one for my daughter's room when she was small.
The blue and white and pink one are in our Etsy shop- My Soulful Home already. The other two will be added today and tomorrow.

Ok,off to lay down and rest... believe me this is not an easy task for me.

A big thank you to all my new followers and for the nicest notes I have been getting. I am overwhelmed by all the kindness and encouraging words. Thank you:)



  1. Cheryl:

    These are so adorable! I just love them! I am thinking about ordering one of them or my screen porch.....So you just have the blue and pinks for now? Let me know when you feel better!

  2. The banners are so beautiful and unique. Very cute. I have to check out your Etsy shop.


  3. i make these too...i love yours, so pretty!
    hope you feel better soon!

  4. Soooo pretty, Cheryl...wish I had had them when my daughter was small, too! Hope you feel better soon - I think I would rather have the flu than a head cold, any day! Get some rest this weekend...Tanya

  5. these are so sweet and feminine! love! <3

  6. Love these Cheryl!!! They are so lovely!!
    I'm so sorry your not feeling well and just when its been so beautiful outside.
    Take care and get lot's of rest my friend.

  7. Your banners are darling!
    I just found your blog tonight.
    What a beautiful home you have!
    I enjoyed reading your previous posts as well as the one for today.

  8. The hankie banners are so cute!! Thanks for stopping by. Sure hope you're feeling better soon!
    Mary Alice

  9. dropping by via COZY LITTLE HOUSE....such pretty banners...just what we need for these days to usher us into spring! off I go to read the back issues here!

  10. Love the banners! Just found your blog, via COZY LITTLE HOUSE, and I love your home! Lots of inspiration here! Hope that you are feeling better soon!

  11. Oh my you don't need to worry about already have it! your camilla bush is stunning and all your roses in their pretty vases! I love your blue polka dot jug & your wonderful bottle brush trees @ Christmas!

  12. Oh those are soooo pretty! I especially like the pink one! Hope you feel better soon :o)
    Have a great weekend!!!

    PS. I am now following you on Google...hope you
    will follow me back :o)

  13. Hi there. I am here by way of Brenda's Cozy Little House. Love your sweet blog. Love the hankie banner. Signed up to follow. Come see me sometime.

  14. so fun and pretty and feminine and romantic!!

  15. I just found you here and became your newest follower. I was invited here by Brenda from COZY LITTLE HOUSE! What a neat idea! I wish there would have been something like that when I began blogging. i really love your sweet little banners also! I've always loved vintage hankies. Stop by and visit by blog! ;)
    Have a GREAT weekend!


  16. These are sweet Cheryl!
    Hope you feel better!

  17. These are very sweet and another wonderful way to repurpose vintage handkerchiefs. I am a new follower by way of Cozy Little House.

  18. Hi Cheryl..I just wondered over from Cozy Little Cottage and was so delighted to see your pretty vintage hankie banners..I have a big stash of hankies and am planning the make one of these plus curtains and a table runner for my kitchen and dining makeover..yours are so nice..I just signed up to receive your blog through email and I look forward to receiving your posts..

  19. Hope you are feeling better.Love those banners.What a great idea.


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