Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dreaming of Paradise

Hi or I should say Aloha~~

I am back..well at least for a little while. We just got back from a family trip that we have been waiting to go on for several years. We saved and saved and finally made it to Hawaii. We had a such a fun time. We stayed in Kaanapali, Maui. We opted to stay in a condo which was the way to go. We loaded up with food and drinks at Costco so we has breakfast and lunch taken care of. Very helpful. We enjoyed fantastic dinners out.  We swam, took walks, laughed, snorkeled, swam with sea turtles, parasailed, banana boated, ziplined, ate, drank, and ate and drank more. Truly heavenly.
The sunsets were so unbelievable. I went crazy with the camera.
Here are some of the my favorite pics. We took over 400 pics !!!!!! 

View from our lanai......How I long to be back

See the rainbow

"C" For Cabot

That's my son Blake jumping off Black Rock! It was awesome, but I was a nervous wreck. He did it 4 times!!! That is his cousin Brooke behind him waiting to jump too. We unexpectedly ran into them. What a fun surprise:)

Cheers and Good bye Hawaii...until next time.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your summer!


The kids had their own camera too! They took over 100 pics and I have yet to download them. They took some really great pics...Impressive


  1. How fun!!! Looks like a great time! And to run into family unexpectedly?? What are the chances? Glad you had such a great vacation, we all need one of those once in a while! ;o)


  2. Cheryl, What a beautiful vacation you had! So glad you could get away to such a lovely spot and enjoy time with the family. Those memories will always be special.
    Mary Alice

  3. Oh you are SOOOO lucky!!! That is exactly where we went for our honeymoon!!! Ahhh I sooo miss it! I believe we stayed at the Sheraton at Kaanapali Beach in Maui. But we would most definitely go the Condo route if we went again because it is sooo much easier to go grocery shopping and utilize the kitchen amenities for meals vs. spending tons of $$ on eating at restaurants!!! Our view from our terrace was the rock where they jumped off of! Not sure if it's the same rock that your son is jumping off of...OMG I would have had a heart attack if my son did that!!! lol Looks like sooo much fun! Maui suits you - you look beautiful and happy with your fam! ;) I hope to save up once again to go...it is so expensive!

    Anyway, wishing you a wonderful week. Can't believe the kids start school next week (boohoo!)!


  4. What a wonderful vacation. I love that first picture!

  5. Oh Cheryl,
    I am so envious!! What a beautiful family vacation!!
    And you are all so gorgeous and tan!! :)
    I hope we can all get together in Sept. and you can show us all of your gorgeous photos.
    Hope you have a lovely night.

  6. What a nice way to end the summer! Such a fun and beautiful place to go. Your photos are great; you are a very attractive family.

  7. Wow! You got some great shots! I am so glad that you guys took that trip! Hold on to those memories. My favorite pic is the one of the four of you.


  8. Cheryl!
    What a lovely vacation! Beautiful Hawaii is the perfect backdrop for your lovely family. I am pretty well traveled, but I have never been there. We have have a time share on Maui. We need to go. Thank you for sharing the joy of your travels!

  9. Wow, what a fabulous vacation!!!! Love the picture with the rainbow.....so beautiful!
    Have a great weekend :o)

  10. Your vacation looks fabulous! Your photos are lovely! Thanks for sharing them! Congrats on your win from Alabaster Rose; I came over from there. I'm now following and look forward to more inspiring posts!

  11. We just missed each other!!!! we were there in July- probably right next door to you judging from the pictures :) we stayed at the Westin! Looks like you had a fun time- I hope your parasailing experience was better than some of the people we saw :) they looked like they were getting dragged / drowned! eek! gorgeous pics.

  12. Jumping of that cliff looks really fun. I want to do that now. \



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