Monday, August 20, 2012

Serenity At The Lake

 As summer is quickly coming to an end (Wednesday to be exact) I start to feel both anxious and relived all at the same time. We had such an amazing summer filled with so many memories, but the need of some structure is starting to become apparent:)) The kids are starting to get a bit "squirrelly"... I only wish we could have the school structure without the loads of homework and those darn lunches I have to make each day. You know what  I am talking about, right?????
Last week we took our last summer trip up to Silver Lake ( near Mammoth) for some fishing and relaxation.  The drive was 5 1/2 hours , but seemed so quick. Lots of beauty along the way, a few stops and tons of candy consumed:) I think as you get older, you start to appreciate the natural beauty that is surrounding you. It really can be breathtaking.
Here are a few images from the trip...
Silver Lake
I wish I could take the peaceful feeling I get from the lake and have it with me all the time;))
How cute is this baby deer?? They were everywhere and not afraid of humans at all. What beautiful creatures they are.
Blake and his first fish of the trip...he is was so..happy!!
Avery and her fish! We ended up catching 15 fish in two days! Not too shabby... Blake was known as "The Fish Whisperer" because every time he put his pole in the water he had a bite within seconds. I will admit I did not catch ONE fish, but I did a heck of a job with the net helping to get the fish in the boat!!! 

We did have some rain and thunder and lightning the last day! It was welcome! We have been having such hot temps here at home that the rain was a blessing.
They were so proud!

Well, off to finish the laundry, label the backpacks and lunch boxes,organize the school supplies etc. I think while I do this I will reflect on the memories from the Summer of 2012 and dream of the memories to come for the Summer of 2013:)

What memories did you make this summer???

xo~ Cheryl

~~ I was using my old camera  to take these pics~ The difference in quality is so obvious...WOW!!!


  1. Beautiful. I love to fish too but do more ocean fishing. When I am in Oregon, I do a lot of fishing. I bet your children enjoyed themselves.

  2. Oh my goodness--what beautiful photos! That baby deer is totally precious. What a gorgeous setting. We have so done nothing this summer...but it feels so good to relax!

  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous scenery! Looks sooo peaceful and relaxing. What great family memories you made.
    Mary Alice

  4. Great pics and congrats to Blake. Looks like you had such fun.

  5. Oh my word Cheryl what an amazing place! I feel healthier just looking at that mountain air! You have summed up a very idyllic summer. Warmest wishes from this old farmhouse in England - Glenda

  6. So lovely, Cheryl! Looks like some wonderful family fun! And what beautiful surroundings!! A blessing for sure!

    Have a great week!


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