Tuesday, July 17, 2012

5 Favorites This Week

Good Afternoon~~
As I sat and still sit here today and wait for the refrigerator repair man to arrive, I took some pictures of  things that have made me smile this week. This week has been filled with many appointments and  the kids and I are going a bit stir crazy so I needed something to make me smile. 
Ok, here is #1~~
Fresh Lavender purchased at Trader Joes. It smells so divine! Every time I walk into my kitchen I am greeted by the aroma. Love it. Should I dry them????
This glass cafe mug is my new favorite mug for my morning coffee. I purchased a couple of these at Crate and Barrel
Yes, I am hanging more of my roses from my dining room chandy and drying them. I love dried roses.I think these are going to turn out great. I wonder if this is the same way to dry the lavender???
The sweet smell and feel of my blooming gardenias! I love to take off the petals and rub them. They are so soft. They smell so nice and I love the pure white color. 
Our wild kitten... This little guy is living in my neighbor's basement, which is along my driveway. He was the runt of his litter and abandoned by his mother and siblings:(( So, although we have never really been a cat family, we have adopted him. He won't get near us, but we are feeding him. He will always have to be our outdoor cat since my husband is very allergic to cats.
His (assuming he's a he) name  is JIMMY:))

I hope you all find some little things around you that will make you smile.

I will be gone for awhile, post to follow on that later on.

Have a wonderful week



  1. That's too funny Cheryl! We had favorite things in our minds today!
    I love the lavender. I've been sprinkling lavender buds on my carpet and leaving it for a while and then vacuuming it up, the whole house smells just heavenly!
    Hope you have a great day my friend.

  2. Oh, sweet little kitty! Please take good care of him!

  3. I let my lavender from Trader Joe's dry out from last Summer and it looks great but after seeing yours I want some fresh bunches ;)
    Love cuddly kitties and I think the coffee looks much prettier in a glass.

  4. Love lavender!! And the kitty is so sweet. We have a stray living in our yard and oops ... she just had 3 kittens. We're trying to figure out what to do with them before they keep reproducing! We'll try to find some good homes for them.

  5. I loved seeing the things you are loving right now. There is nothing like a favorite coffee mug. We are supposed to get a Trader Joe's here in Colorado Springs and I can hardly wait to purchase cheap flowers! I think I would dry yours and then maybe get some more if they really are cheap! What a lucky kitty to have you feeding him.


  6. Just found your blog. Wanted to say hi. Keep trying with the kitty. We adopted a little feral and once we could cuddle him he has turned into a lover boy:)


  7. You are right. I love little Jimmy's face. He is adorable. And if I had to come up with the top reason that I want to have a garden of some sort it would be so that I could have fresh gardenias. It is hands down my favorite smell. :)

  8. Thank you for taking care of Jimmy. If you sit nearby while he eats, you can get closer and closer over time. Eventually, you can touch him, then he will want to get to know you much better. We came home after vacation to find another stray here. After taking in so many, we have no room and this little guy must go to the humane society for his own good. It is no kill and a good family will be found for him. Jimmy is lucky to have a home with you.

    and yes....dry the lavender ! Perfect with your dried roses.

  9. Oh how I love the smell of lavender.And Coffee one of my favorites too!I am so glad you took this sweet kitten in.He found a good family to love and care for him.

  10. Hi Cheryl, I love your favorites, definitely dry the lavender,the kitty is precious.

  11. Hi Cheryl,

    LOVE all of your favorite things. Especially your gorgeous gardenias!!! :) I hope you are enjoying your summer. Take care and talk to you soon!


  12. Hey Cheryl- what a fun post and I'm SO jealous about your fresh lavender and wish we had Trader Joe's in Houston! I have those same glass coffee mugs from C&B and I love them. ;)

  13. I think you have to wait til the flowers are gone on the lavender then hang it in bunches upside down. Do not store it in your downstairs loo in a plastic bag to dry because it all goes mouldy! Eeww! That's what I did...

  14. love the lavender. Our Trader Joe's does not have any.
    I am so happy, that you are taking care of the little "fellow".
    How sad to be abandoned!
    Have a great Sunday,


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