Friday, July 13, 2012

Perfect Rose For A Perfect Lady

Happy 70th Birthday to the most courageous and inspirational woman that I know.
 I am lucky enough to call her MOM:))
She has been through so.....much in the past several years and has been so brave. I honestly am not sure where she finds the strength. She is a better woman than me. 
We were lucky to celebrate with her last week. 
My kids with her in our backyard;))
The cake we made her. It was so yummy. Do you think there are enough sprinkles????
The rose is the Moonstone and it is my mom's favorite rose!! I happen to love it too!

Happy Birthday MOM
We all love you and hope that this year you will be given a break from all that you have had to endure.
You deserve it 



  1. Your Mom looks fantastic for 70! She looks fantastic for 60! That rose is lovely. Now I want one. Happy Birthday and best wishes to your Mom!

  2. Cheryl, This is such a nice post celebrating your Mom!! That photo's a keeper of your mom and kids.
    Mary Alice

  3. She is lovely and I hope that the next year holds joy and happiness for her.

  4. Happy birthday to your mom. Wishing her much happiness and joy in the coming year.

  5. Such a sweet post! She is beautiful! xo Rachel

  6. Lita, your mom looks great! She truly is inspirational. Give her a hug for us.

  7. Oh Cheryl,
    Happy, Happy Birthday to your sweet Mom!!~
    She is such a kind lady and I wish her a wonderful and healthy new year!!~
    Hope your all doing well and have a beautiful weekend.

  8. Your mother is very beautiful. I hope she has a very Happy Birthday and a wonderful year.

  9. Happy Birthday to Cheryl's beautiful Mom! Hope she, and you, have a wonderful year ahead...just returning from vacation, and catching up on my blog reading today. Happy Summer - Tanya

  10. What a wonderful birthday celebration for your mom. The cake looks yummy. The rose is beautiful. Sweet, simple moments spent with family.


  11. Families are always special, & the photo of your Mother & your children is so lovely, thanks for sharing your family with all your readers. What a lovely rose for a special lady.
    Barbara Lilian


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