Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Roller Coaster Ride

Hi Everyone~
This week as been full of ups and downs. Do you know the type??? You feel like you are on a roller coaster.The highlight of the week was my daughter Avery's 9th birthday on Friday. As you may remember, she got to have her room re done instead of a party. Not too bad of an alternative. It turned out perfect for her. Pic coming up.  We decorated the house hot pink and black and then I went a bit nuts at Trader Joes and bought all the pink flowers I could find to put around the house.
I lost my mind:) Avery had a Jog-A-Thon at school on her birthday. At first she was upset because she wanted to wear her new skirt. She quickly recovered when she realized they get Popsicles at the Jog-A Thon.  Here she is at her Jog-A-Thon.
So cute:)
However, I have still been feeling under the weather so I had a lot of tests done this week. Too much time at the doctor's office is a drag. But, I am finally on some medicine and feeling better. I am a mom and you know us moms, we don't have time to feel bad;)
Then, to cap off the week, my lovely Mom who has been such a fighter took a tumble at home and hurt her knee pretty bad. She was in bad shape for a couple days. She is doing better now. Thank GOD!!!!Can't she just have some peace??? This is when I start to question everything.. 
Do you ever ask those questions????
So that is a little ride on my roller coaster of a week. 
Next week and the week after my blogging will be scarce. I have college friend coming to town to go to a concert with me. Yeah.. hope to feel 100% . Then we have Open House, Baseball, Minimum days, Finals etc. It's going to be a whirlwind and then we begin Spring Break. A break is what we all need. Time to breathe and relax. It is coming at the perfect time. 
Here is a peek at Avery's room. Sorry about the quality, it was taken on my iPhone

I will be showing up a guest blogger this week. I will let you know when and where when I know the date. Looking forward to it.

I hope you all have a wonderful week. Love reading all your comments. 
Hoping for some smooth sailing......

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  1. Some weeks are like that! ...and yes, I ask those questions too. Hope you are feeling all better soon and that the upcoming break gives you the rest you need. Those pink flowers are wonderful and your lucky birthday girl is adorable! :)

  2. I've had weeks like that too! Just one thing after another. Hope you and your Mom are feeling better!

    Here's to a peaceful week!

  3. Your daughter is so cute:)--Happy Birthday to her! I love her bedspread. All the pink flowers look so pretty-I hope they brightened up your week a little. Have fun with all your busy with!

  4. Oh, forgot to say hope your Mom is doing well too!

  5. Your daughter is beautiful, I love all of the pink flowers and your daughters room looks really cute, I'm looking forward to seeing more. L hope you and your mom are good as new real soon.

  6. The beauty of blog world...can you feel it?
    I just gave you a big virtual hug!
    I will miss you when your gone, but I'll be here when you return.
    "Prayers for wellness and energy for the concert!"
    Happy Birthday, dear Avery!

  7. Sounds like you have a lot going on and the rain today probably didn't help, but the flowers certainly are happy. The little sewing kit is adorable ~ very cute.

  8. Oh I am so sorry you havent been feeling good! Seems everyone has a bug nowadays. Your daughtes room looks perfect! Hope your mom is doin better and this week is wonderful!! xoxo

  9. Hi sweetie,
    What a week you've had!!~ Happy birthday to your cutie!!~
    My older son had his jog-a-thon the week before and they got popsicles too, that's the highlight of their day! :)
    I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom and that you still haven't been feeling well! I pray that your medicine will finally help you to feel better!
    I'll have to e-mail you with my number in case you ever need anything!
    Hope you have a better week my friend!

  10. Oh, and gorgeous flowers by the way!! I always get a bit carried away with the flowers at Trader Joe's too!~

  11. Hi Cheryl,
    I'm so sorry it's been such a rough week. I understand the feeling of when is it enough. When the challenges of life seem too heavy to bear I try to take one day at a time, remembering that God is in control of all things even when it doesn't seem so.
    Your daughter is adorable and I'm sure a delight to you. Hope you feel better soon!
    Mary Alice

  12. Oh ya, its called life~I know exactly what you are talking about. Your daughter has such a cute smile! Have fun with your college pal!

  13. PS your store link is broken~I tried to visit but it says it is not working...

  14. Your daughter is very pretty.
    My granddaughter had a bedroom makeover for her Christmas. She is 8 almost 9 and wanted a Huskie (dog) room. Her room is now gray with black touches. She has lots of little Huskie doggies on the beds. So a neat idea.
    Love all those pink flowers.
    Feel better......I am battling a virus on top of another one.....not fun.

  15. avery's room looks so cute! i love the peace signs!

  16. I know all about that rollercoaster. I've been on one for several months. Hope your ride is much smoother now and that your mom will continue to recover from her injury.

    By the way, your daughter is very cute.

  17. I love Avery's room.My daughter is really into peace signs.I found a ornament after Christmas I think it was target.It was a peace sign she has it on her bulletin board in her room.She also has lots of jewelery with peace signs too.Funny how things come back in fashion.Hope your Mom feels better soon.

  18. Your daughter's room is so cute!!! Sorry to hear you had such a rough week....I hope this one is better :o)

  19. You are due a stretch of good, that's for sure!
    Hoping your Mom is feeling better (you too)!
    Avery is adorable and so is her room!
    Take care Cheryl!

  20. your pics of the flowers are gorgeous! I cannot wait to see Avery's room. xoxo

  21. Avery is so adorable. I hope you have a nice smooth week ahead and that you are feeling better.

  22. Do I ever ride a roller coaster! It seems to be the ride of my life! You'll have to visit and read some of my blogs to understand. Love, Love your blogspot! Such beauty. So creative. Hope you'll visit and just push that little button to follow me. I am extremely new and looking for all the ideas I can find!

  23. Such a cutie pie! Hope you have a much better week. And I love that little pin cushion, too!

  24. it seems life is always a roller coaster, doesn't it?! i am sorry to hear about your mom and that you still had not been feeling better until recently with medication. i hope your spring break gives you some peace and relaxation! your daughter is beyond gorgeous...what a doll! looking forward to seeing her new room...

  25. Thanks for following me. I absoooolutely love, love your blog. Adore the pillow made from the crazy quilt. My mom did that for me with one of my grandmother's quilts that had frayed. Love all the colors that you love, white, cream, blue, and pink!

  26. Love your etsy items! I like the little sewing kit... it elevates the loveliness of the wee notions.


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