Sunday, March 18, 2012

Enjoying The Rain

I hope you are all enjoying the weekend. It has been a rainy one here, but I am happy. We have needed it for so long. Although the sky is much brighter this morning, I am hoping the rain isn't over. A rainy weekend means that all outdoor activities have been cancelled (bummer). The good news is that I have been organizing and organizing and organizing. I have already accomplished so much. Drawers are cleaned out, closets are organized and  my desk space is straightened up. Thanks again rain:)
I was hoping to photograph some things for a post this weekend, but it has just been too dark and I don't like to use the flash. 
So, here are a few pictures I took earlier in the week of my kitchen table vignette.
The runner is vintage, I love the stitching on it. I topped it with a vintage platter that I recently acquired at an estate sale. The blue is a grayish/blue which I haven't seen too often in my travels. The color made the piece extra special to me.
I used a Mason Jar and filled it with these pale pink Ranunculus. I love the way they look before they are fully opened. I have ( had) some growing in my garden, but a pesky slug or snail decided they made a nice meal:( 

Loving this last picture.

Sorry for the abrupt end to my post, but my 6th grader is now telling me he has an essay to type. I guess this is my cue to get off the computer.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and thanks for all your continued sweet comments:)


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  1. Very pretty. I am enjoying the rain too.

  2. rain is always good for forcing us to get things done around the house sounds like it was a very productive weekend! ;)

  3. So very pretty.

    Have a nice, new week


  4. I'm enjoying our rain in California as well. We certainly need it!

    Love the kitchen table vignette. Very pretty!

  5. Love your flowers--I just bought one (in plant form) in the same color. Now I want to go get more. I love them.

    We are a 1 computer family too and I hate it when the kids have something pesky like homework..that I have to let them do:) Most of the time they just want to play games on Facebook--

    Have a great day!

  6. Pink flowers make me smile! Happy Sunday!

  7. Hi Cheryl, Such a pretty vignette for your rainy weekend. Love the simple jar of flowers on your beautiful platter!
    Mary Alice

  8. Love the flowers! Such a gentle pop of color!
    glad to me you!

  9. Spring actually summer is here.It was 80 today.LOVE those flowers.I need to do some organizing too.Doesn't it feel good to go through and clean things out.I am ready to donate allot of things soon.

  10. I love the ranunculus, they are gorgeous. Beautiful photos!


  11. How pretty! Ranunculus are my all time favorite flower. They look lovely on the blue & white platter.

  12. I love your ranunculus arrangement so simply created and sitting on your kitchen table. I especially love the last photo of the close up of that pink rununculus! Rainy days are the best as you are forced to go no where!! (except home to get organized!!! yeay)
    Love your blog Cheryl.

  13. Thank you for all the sweet comments. The day ended up being chilly, but the sky was bright blue. I guess no more rain:( I hope you all have wonderful weeks:)) Good night

  14. The platter is just lovely, love the mason jar filled with flowers! Rain sounds wonderful! I would love to have a rainy day!!

  15. l love your arrangement with the platter & the mason jar & pink ranunculus! Beautiful!! I also decorate with blue & white and so I am always smitten with your images! Can one ever have too many blue & white platters? I say never!! I have several asiatic pheasant platters that my mother brought home from England for me! Looking at my white cabinets & seeing the blue & white peeking through the glass doors just makes my heart sing! Can you believe even washing the dishes is beautiful when it is full of blue! Thanks for sharing your photos! I see we are kindred spirits! Wishing you a wonderful week!

  16. I love seeing what you are going to link up. I love your photography! Those flowers are really pretty! Don't you love how the kids always need the computer when you want to use it?

  17. As always beautiful post...Can't go wrong with fresh flowers , I think I should go buy some too!!!
    Blessings Lori

  18. I love those flowers! I haven't heard of them before :) They are so pretty!

  19. Hi Cheryl, those ranunculus are so pretty. They are one of my favorite flowers. The platter is gorgeous such a beautiful shade of blue.

  20. So pretty... love your post is rainy today here also... and it was nice to enjoy your post in this way!


  21. Beautiful vignette!
    ... Happy White Wednesday :)

    Greetings from Australia♥

  22. Everything (vintage linens, pink flowers, old glass, vintage "just-the-right-shade-of-blue" platter, about the pictures in your post makes me smile. It's casual elegance as its best! Thanks for sharing and for making me smile.


  23. Love the beauty you create over here :)

    Thank you for spreading your beauty over at my place.

    I just love a simple jar of flowers , you do it so well.


  24. Love how you capture just the right photo. I'm jealous. It's always a treat to see your blog!
    Thanks for stopping by.


  25. SO pretty! I LOVE Ranunculus so much. And the pink color has to be my favorite.

    Thanks for sharing at Show Off Saturday!

  26. Beautiful....that shade of blue is so gorgeous!!! We have had rain here all week but the weeekend is suppose to be sunny and beautiful :o) Have a great weekend!!!!

  27. Beautiful pictures!! Love your blog

  28. Your flowers look beautiful, Cheryl! Ranunculus is one of my absolute favorites, in fact, I just bought three bunches today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend :)

  29. Hi Cheryl, here in Central California, we had Hail last week, followed by heavy rain! And I, for one, loved it!!!
    It's been gorgeous weather ever since.
    Your flowers are beautiful, and your words so kind about my Canary Yellow Table, you're always so sweet, thank you sweetie, hope you have a lovely Sunday, tami

  30. What a gorgeous vignette! Simplistic and so beautiful!

    Lou Cinda :)


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