Monday, October 3, 2011

Summer Memories

As I was buying pumpkins this past weekend and getting out the BOXES of Halloween decor with my kids, I realized how LONG ago summer seemed. The kids have been in school since August 23rd, but summer seems like a million years ago. I love Fall and all the holiday fun, but I also miss my world of no homework, sports or school activities. I long for relaxation, no schedules and fun in the sun;)  Here's a peek at our SUMMER OF FUN.....................
We were so fortunate to be able to go on a cruise to the Caribbean with my husband's whole family (24 of us in total) hosted by his generous dad and step mom to celebrate their 20 year wedding anniversary! It was the trip of a life time. We sailed on Royal Caribbeans  Freedom of the Seas.
This is Cococay in the Bahamas!  Dreaming of being on one of those blue lounges chairs right now.................
The picture above is a beach in St. Thomas. The kids loved putting on their snorkel gear and snorkeling right off the shore. There were beautiful fish everywhere. The next three pics are all St. Thomas too.

Leaving St. Thomas... this was the most beautiful scene. I took this off the balcony in our room.
I am noticing  that I really like to photograph different lounge chairs...Mmm.. What does that mean???
Later in July, we headed to LaQuinta with some friends of ours and their kids. We laughed for three days:) I love the orange/red sunsets there! It was HOT, so we stayed submerged in the pool the whole time. Not such a bad place to be.
Then we were off to visit our old neighbors and some family in the Bay Area! This was taken from a ferry boat as we headed to Sausalito. It is always a fun trip and we hate it when it is time to go:( My son and his friend Zip Lined in The City!! It was something they won't forget. I won't either, I almost had a heart attack watching them!!!!!!!!
Bye to summer. The picture is in front of the Ferry Building in San Francisco. It's good to have such great memories that keep me going until next June and  summer can begin again;)))
Cheers to memories !!!
I hope you all have a great week !! Thanks for visiting!
:) C


  1. Thx for the reminder. It was a great summer. Your photos are beautiful!!

  2. Hi Cheryl,
    What beautiful photos of your vacation.
    I just found your lovely blog and I just adore it!!
    I will definitely be adding you o my favorites!
    Have a wonderful day.

  3. Wow Cheryl, looks like you had a most lovely summer vacation! I wouldn't blame you for missing it so! :) Beautiful pics! And I'm with you in terms of the crazy school schedule with the kiddos! Between high school football games with my eldest and pre-school events with my youngest...well, I'm just all over the place! :)


  4. Cheryl, looks like an awesome time! You aren't going to believe this but Karl's ( my husband) parents just bought all of Karl's siblings and families a cruise for our Christmas present this year! There are 17 of us going. We are going in January. Your pictures make me super excited! Can't wait!! :)


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