Monday, January 14, 2013

Back To The Blue And White...Sort of

Happy New Year~
Ok, the holidays are over and I am officially READY for 2013! 
2012 had it's HIGH highs and LOW lows! I am ready for a fresh and clean start. I decided that the place to start was in my house. Although, I love putting up all the Christmas decor and looking at Santa faces for a month and having my house totally transformed to a red wonderland, I can't wait to my blue and white house back together. This also gives me a change to do some rearranging and de-cluttering. Oh the satisfaction!!! 
Here are some photos of  my homes fresh start in 2013~
" Relax" a good motto for 2013.. I will try my best:)
Some of my new blue and white towels
We set up a hot chocolate bar  in the kitchen for Christmas..some of it still remains in tact. Excuse the lovely plug in the photo;)

This little table in my dining room is now home to some ironstone
More dining room
I know your wondering right now...whats with the red??? Well, during Christmas I had some great red French linens around and I decided I just couldn't part with them.... so they are my one hint of red thats left:))
Home of the red linens..
I got this fabulous jar that I use am putting all my dried roses in. Wonder when it will be filled??
Living Room
I got this beauty before Christmas at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. 99% of the time my husband doesn't object to any of my "finds". This time, he DID. The boys in the house refer to this as the "family urinal"!! Nice huh??? But, it still made it on the wall by my computer. I am using the enamel part as a bulletin board! Good idea???
Yes, we have a den in our house that is decorated in browns, grays and whites! I don't photograph it much so here is the debut....

This is the other side of the shelves

Well, I hope you enjoyed the home tour.. a little long I know. And, I eliminated many photos.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!
Oh .. did you notice the new blog header?? I think I am liking this one A LOT!!



  1. Lovely blue and whites the ought your home. Where did you find the pitcher? I am looking for a crock for kitchen to hold utensils. Have a lovely week.

  2. love the family urinal! ;) and keep that new header, it's awesome!


  3. Your home looks just beautiful Cheryl!!
    And I absolutely love the touches of red, one of my favorites!
    So happy to see your post!
    Have a wonderful week.

  4. The urinal is hilarious. When I first saw it I wondered if that was what it was, but then I thought "no". Who would hang a urinal in their house. You have decorated it well and must get a lot of fun comments. The house is lovely.

  5. Your house is beautiful--love the calmness of blue and white. Your blog header looks great!

  6. Your home looks so fresh and inviting. I'm a big fan of blue and white and you've carried those colors so nicely throughout your home. Loving your new header too!!
    Mary Alice

  7. I love it! The urinal cracks me up because I would do the same thing... (if I had some sort of man or boy in my house-LOL) I have things that people would never think of hanging in our house! Great job! (I love your den, btw.

  8. Hi Cheryl,
    Your new blog banner is a perfect reflection of your beautiful style. Your home is filled with such charm! I have dreamed about attending the Rose Bowl flea market since the early days of Rachel Ashwell's shabby chic!

  9. Everything looks so beautiful, I have always loved Blue and White, sometimes dark blue like cobalt blue, sometimes faded blue. I love your new look too, what font are you using? It is so fun.

  10. Just beautiful! I love your flea find and how you are using it! :) happy new year!

  11. Hi Cheryl,
    everything looks so cozy comfy over here. Love the linens, and the layers of rustic to your country home.
    You have a home to love, and one that inspires family comfort.
    Relaxed, and aged with calm.


  12. I love the new blues!
    xoxo, Chris

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  14. I am loving the blue and white! (It's my fav!) Your home is gorgeous, love all the treasure so beautifully displayed.

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  17. Cheryl, I love your use of whites and blues. Your home is beautiful! I wanted to let you know that I followed you on linky followers and ask if you wouldn't mind checking me out and following me back at Thanks so much!


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