Saturday, December 22, 2012

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Good Morning~
I am enjoying this beautiful sunny , but chilly morning with my yummy cup of coffee. Red Velvet flavor...YUM!!! This Christmas season has been a particularly busy and tough one. With my Mom being ill and all the hustle and bustle, I  never felt like taking pictures of my home. It was not a priority. And just when I was getting inspired to do a post ( thanks to some great friends), the tragedy happened at Sandy Hook. My decorated house seemed so..... very unimportant.
But, as the week went on and I heard such beautiful stories from families of the angels at Sandy Hook I started to feel like the decorations and the happiness they brought my kids did matter. My children LOVE them and I am so blessed to watch them smile when they look at their favorite nutcracker or look for their favorite ornament on the tree. So, this post is for them and the friends who have told me my decorations make them smile too. 

Here are some of the nutcrackers the kids collect. We have close to 100...... They are placed throughout the house. The best part about decorating is when the kids find their favorites in the boxes. They still get so..excited!

I made this felt angel with my mom many many years ago. This angel is dedicated to all the beautiful Sandy Hook angels. They will never be forgotten....

So that was just a glimpse into our Christmas house. Our decorations are NOT subtle, but we wouldn't have it any other way:)

May your all have a blessed holiday with your family and friends. 

And to all the people that have encouraged me and inspired me throughout the year..Thank you!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Deck The Halls

Good Evening Everyone~

I don't know about all of you, but this has been the busiest holiday season I have had in years. I just can't seem to come up for air. I feel like each minute is scheduled, hence the late night posting. Well, it is a miracle I am even getting in a post. It feels like forever. Even though I haven't had time to post, I have spent time reading others blogs and have been getting so inspired by everyone's holiday decor and creative ideas. I guess that means more to try and do;)
One thing I have been busy with is my Etsy Shop, My Soulful Home. We were lucky enough to be involoved in a few holiday boutiques recently which are always such fun. It is tiring, but the three of us always have lots and lots of laughs so it is worth it. And we sell a lot of our items so that is an added bonus too. We have been working hard and recently added many items to our shop on Etsy. Here is a peek:

*** We have many more items in the shop** 
Google just told me I am out of picture space...ANNOYING so this is all you will get to see for now;((

After I get this Google thing fixed I hope to take some pictures of my decorated house. We go a little crazy, but we have so much fun and the kids LOVE it. Thats really all that matters. 

Hope you all have a wonderful and relaxing week! I know I am certainly going to try:))

xo~ Cheryl