Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Our Holiday Home

Hi Friends~ I hope this night finds you all warm and cozy at home with your families. Good news to report, today the electricity FINALLY came on for many of my friends. Tonight would have been ONE WEEK! Yikes. I am so happy to see the lights on in my neighbor's windows. 
Last weekend, we put up the lights and got our tree. The kids had the tree picked out in about two seconds. It was painless and I think they picked out one of the best trees we ever have had. Good job guys .As far as the lights going up, a couple of strands had to be replaced, but other than that we were good to go. Whew!!
The front porch all lit up.
The porch before the lights went on. I have to say I LOVE pointsettias. The more the merrier.

I love this wreath. I bought it at Target. I love how the red is so vibrant.
The perfect tree with nothing on it
Aren't the trash bags under the tree lovely???  They will soon be covered with the tree skirt.
The lights are on, but still a lot of work to do
Voila...Its Done! The kids have so much fun decorating the tree. We all love pulling out the ornaments with all our names on it and the year we got it. We have family ones and individual too:)
A quick peek at the lit up mantle. MORE TO COME!

Thanks for visiting and have a cozy evening~


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Happy to hear that the electricity is officially up in your neighborhood! :) LOVE your front door - love, love, love it!!! :) Your tree looks great - I'm sure your kiddos enjoyed decorating it! :) Hugs & Happy Holidays!


  2. I LOVE it Cheryl! :) Our tree is like yours..a wonderful mix of ornaments that are sentimental and handmade ones..our sons love decorating the tree!Your house looks so cozy! xoxo

  3. I just love your porch Cheryl...mine looks sad compared to yours ;o)

  4. Hi,

    I came to visit via Romatic Homes and imagine my surprise when I realized that you were in Pasadena...I live in Arcadia and spent most of last week like you, in the dark. Isn't it great to have heat once again? (-: Your porch and all of your decorations look lovely. Happy decorating.

  5. so pretty!!! I haven't done anything!!!

  6. Your front door decorations are pretty. Merry Christmas!

  7. Love your blog... and might I add that black and white door well it's beautiful! I have gone back and forth about that wreath from Target first at Halloween with the black(did not buy it) and now the red (after seeing yours I should have bought it!

  8. Hello Cheryl, How is your week going? I don't know if you saw, but Maria at Dreamy Whites featured our blogs in her latest post!!!! Isn't she the best?!!

  9. Your home is beautiful and really festive!

  10. I love your front porch. It`s beautiful

    Hugs Bente

  11. I love your tree it reminds me of mine!Have a great holiday!AriadnefromGreece!


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