Tuesday, July 17, 2012

5 Favorites This Week

Good Afternoon~~
As I sat and still sit here today and wait for the refrigerator repair man to arrive, I took some pictures of  things that have made me smile this week. This week has been filled with many appointments and  the kids and I are going a bit stir crazy so I needed something to make me smile. 
Ok, here is #1~~
Fresh Lavender purchased at Trader Joes. It smells so divine! Every time I walk into my kitchen I am greeted by the aroma. Love it. Should I dry them????
This glass cafe mug is my new favorite mug for my morning coffee. I purchased a couple of these at Crate and Barrel
Yes, I am hanging more of my roses from my dining room chandy and drying them. I love dried roses.I think these are going to turn out great. I wonder if this is the same way to dry the lavender???
The sweet smell and feel of my blooming gardenias! I love to take off the petals and rub them. They are so soft. They smell so nice and I love the pure white color. 
Our wild kitten... This little guy is living in my neighbor's basement, which is along my driveway. He was the runt of his litter and abandoned by his mother and siblings:(( So, although we have never really been a cat family, we have adopted him. He won't get near us, but we are feeding him. He will always have to be our outdoor cat since my husband is very allergic to cats.
His (assuming he's a he) name  is JIMMY:))

I hope you all find some little things around you that will make you smile.

I will be gone for awhile, post to follow on that later on.

Have a wonderful week


Friday, July 13, 2012

Perfect Rose For A Perfect Lady

Happy 70th Birthday to the most courageous and inspirational woman that I know.
 I am lucky enough to call her MOM:))
She has been through so.....much in the past several years and has been so brave. I honestly am not sure where she finds the strength. She is a better woman than me. 
We were lucky to celebrate with her last week. 
My kids with her in our backyard;))
The cake we made her. It was so yummy. Do you think there are enough sprinkles????
The rose is the Moonstone and it is my mom's favorite rose!! I happen to love it too!

Happy Birthday MOM
We all love you and hope that this year you will be given a break from all that you have had to endure.
You deserve it 


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Loving the Feed Sack Pillow

A quick post here, I just have to share the adorable vintage feed sack pillow that Kelly made for our Etsy shop!! I love it!! I didn't realize that I liked feed sacks. I guess I do.

Hope you all have a fun and safe 4th of July!!!!