Saturday, July 30, 2011

Yard Sale Treasures

Today I decided to take my kids to a couple yard sales. They complained at first, but once they got there they loved it as much as me. They were fascinated by everything that people were getting rid of. I explained to them that one persons trash is another person treasures.That proved to be right for us today. Look above at this fabulous table we found. It is perfect, there is rust, chipped  creamy paint and so much charm. The best part??? It was only $5.00. We aren't sure where it will go, but eventually it will find a place. The top is made from old ceiling tiles. Heres another picture of the top~
Then we were off to another sale and we found this adorable chair. My daughter fell in love with it immediately. I loved it, but thought, "another chair???" Then, Avery came up with the perfect use for it......a chair for her American Girl doll!! Sold, and for only $5.00.  With some white paint and some distressing, it will be just right. It was our lucky day!!

So, for only $10.00 I got two treasures, but the best treasure was spending a fun Saturday morning with my kids. Thanks for visiting:) C

Avery and the chair

Friday, July 29, 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things

Welcome to my first post. I have been going back and forth as to what should be the first thing to ever go on my blog and I had a million ideas, family pics, my house, decorating ideas, my garden etc. After pondering for quite sometime, I came across a few pictures I had taken this summer and realized that they encompass everything.

My kids and I found this bottle at a vintage candy store this summer and had to have it. Not only is it blue and white (my favorite colors), but Avery is my daughter's name. It was perfect. Besides the flourescent green liquid ( lemon lime soda)  that was in it, I knew it would serve a purpose in our house. It is now a vase to put a rose from the garden in it. It  can only hold one rose because the opening isn't too big. The rose that is in this picture is called a Moonstone. It is the greatest blend of pink and white. This bottle and the rose in it encompass all of my favorite things , family, decorating, my garden, my house and even summertime!!
I think it is always fun to decorate with unexpected things. When your out shopping or shopping your house, look for alternate uses for ordinary items.
Thanks for visiting:) C